Testimonial 08

Several years ago I attended a Sleep Clinic due to my excessive snoring and sluggishness during the day.
As a result I was diagnosed with moderate Sleep Apnea and was referred to Dr. Stern, a
Specialist in Oral Appliances.

I was fitted for an Oral Appliance and during this meticulous process was always kept informed by Dr. Stern and his staff of the steps involved in the fitting of such an Appliance.

After a few weeks I returned to the Dental clinic to receive the finished product at
which time I was briefed on the proper usage of the Oral Appliance.

Since I have had it. I sleep much better, I feel refreshed in the morning and have a lot
more energy during the day.

I highly recommend an Oral Appliance to those of you who are heavy snorers and feel
tired after a full nights sleep.

W. H.
(Retired Toronto Police, Emergency Task Force)