Testimonial 17

I would like to recommend Dr. Stern and staff for the great work they have provided for me to help me with my sleep apnea problem in the last few years.

The appliance that was customized for me has made a difference in my sleep and no longer snoring and my oxygen levels are improved.

Dr. Stern is amazing with his bedside manners, client friendly, calm and well mannered at all times. He also takes the time to explain every detail of the treatment.

The dental clerks and assistants are very friendly and very accommodating with appointments also. I highly recommend this oral mouth appliance for sleep apnea since it really has been effective for me. The sleep apnea machine did not work for me at all and it kept my husband and myself awake all night.

I highly recommend you to make an appointment with Dr. Stern at your earliest if you are experiencing sleep apnea.

Lina Rospo